Welcome to Sri Guru Hari Singh P. G. College, Sri Jiwan Nagar (SIRSA).

At the time India attained its independence, there arose all sections of society the demand for education more especially from those sections which had been denied education for one reason or the other.

Namdharis which have their origin in Sikhism under the sprititual leadership of ‘His Holiness Satguru Ram Singh’ Sri Satguru Hari Singh and Sri Satguru Partap Singh boycotted the British and their educational system as a Nationalistic step towards the goal to achieve freedom from the shackles of British Slavery during 19th and mid 20th Century. His Holiness Satguru Partap Singh Ji migrated to India during partion alongwith thousands of his followers and settled at Sri Jiwan Nagar and other villages around it covering about 30-40 Kms. Of the area which was economically, socially, educationally most backward. This fact stands supported by gazetteers.

Since this area of the sub-division of Ellenabad was educationally extremely backward, Satguru Partap Singh Ji initiated and opened a school in 1958 at Sri Jiwan Nagar to provide primary and middle education to Namdharis in particular and other people of the area in general. It was later on promoted to High School, and was named Sri Guru Hari Singh High School, Jiwan Nagar. As the demand for higher education was on increase, His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji blessed this area by opening a college named Sri Guru Hari Singh College affiliated to CH. Devi Lal University, Sirsa dedicated to the memory of a great freedom fighter and a social reformer Sri Satguru Hari Singh in the year 1983. Earlier a Society in the year 1977 was formed and registered to manage the affairs of these educational institutions. At present a duly constituted managing committee is working as per the statute of CH. Devi Lal University, Sirsa and the Govt. of Haryana to manage its affairs. This is the only co-educational Arts and Commerce college affiliated, approved and Aided in the whole of the sub-division of Ellenabad district Sirsa, Haryana. The college started functioning in 1983 with just 50 students on its rolls which has now blossomed into a full fledged college with a mighty strength of 650 students both boys and girls. This college is catering to needs of more than forty villages including the towns of Ellenabad and Rania. We at this college are relentlessly trying to achieve the very cause of service-service to education and Service to our society. Needless to add this tiny sapling called Sri Guru Hari Singh College has fully blossomed into the biggest rural college of Haryana.